Cure for sacrament meeting tardiness x

People who do not show up on time to sacrament meetings always feel they are guilty of tardiness, one would ask, how can I be on time to make my sacrament meeting more meaningful to myself and my family? One would also ask, how can I make it on time when often am late to church as a single person or as a family? Do not worry this post will help you cure sacrament tardiness.
One way is to prepare days before Sunday which is the Lord’s day. Most people do not see the time wasted when ironing clothes, polishing shoes, and even preparing food for the children and the family, but when one takes time to track the time used in the morning, then you will know it is a whole lot that makes members late to sacrament meetings. Polishing shoes, preparing food, ironing clothes, and every other thing that needs preparation can be done days to the sabbath day.
Another way to make it to sacrament meeting on time is by seeing the sabbath day as the Lord’s day and not as another holiday when we can sleep till we feel like waking up. We do forget sometimes through our actions that Sacrament meetings are more important than any other thing we do in the week. When we do this, we can be an hour earlier to sacrament meetings and well prepared.
Finally, waking up an hour earlier than usual will do the miracle for you; in making it to sacrament meeting on time. Jonathan after going to church late for some time listened to a piece of advice given at the elders’ quorum class by a member of the quorum. His advice to the quorum was to wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual. Jonathan upon hearing this changed and did as he heard, and it worked. It can work for you so you can banish the habit of going to church late. When you do it this way, you will be in a position to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost during the sacrament meeting.

With these few things to do, sacrament meeting tardiness will be a thing of the past and we could be well prepared for the Lord’s day. Remember, partaking of the sacrament is always sure as we make it on time, and with that, the spirit of the Lord will influence us through the week.

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