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The Church and plural marriage in its early years

One would wonder why early saints of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had many wives. Was one wife not enough? Some would say it was wrong and many would argue and stand their ground that it was right because some prophets and noblemen in the old testament time had more than one wife.

Many Latter-day Saints are faced with this type of question from the world, “Was your prophet married to 40 wives?” Many are not able to find answers to this type of question, prompting them to ask friends, families, and the internet for answers to it. There are others who use it against the church in their publication.
Latter-day Saints believe in monogamy, which means one man to one woman, however, early saints practiced polygamy due to it being a commandment from God at their time.

In view of all this, the Church came out with an official message on the above matter and question.

 Below is a link to when the plural marriage started, what it meant for them, the stories associated with it, and how it ended.


The Church and Plural Marriage in it Early Years

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