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Three of my cousins went out to donate blood and just one was allowed to take part. I took some time to think about why they were not allowed before I spoke to them.  After a chat with them, I realized they were not qualified to donate because of their sleep time and body weight. If not all, most of the stakes in Accra will be donating blood and in my writing today, I am going to help you know a few things to do before you go out coming this Saturday, 18th August 2018 to donate blood for this year’s West Africa service project.
3 Things to do before you donate blood
Eat iron-rich foodsIron-rich foods like fish, beans, poultry, red meat, raisins, spinach, and any iron-rich foods help you maintain your energy and produce new blood cells to replace the blood donated.

Get a good night sleep a day before the donation
When it comes to sleep, we must have enough of it to help our bodies rejuvenate, so to help us donate. Getting eight hours of sleep before you donate is important, remember my cousins?
Drink Enough water

Water they say is life. Water is essential for our survival, you should know the blood we have consist of a higher percentage of water and not getting enough water could block you from doing a good deed.
Doing these things will put us in good shape to donate blood for the good course of Ghana. Service to man is service to our maker in heaven.

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