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10 Things to know before serving a mission

As a young man, Federick did not know much about things to expect when he gets on the field, but with the help of his priesthood leaders, friends, and some returned missionaries, he knew things to expect when he gets there.
Most at times young men and women embark on a mission without know most of the things to expect. This post will discuss 10 things to know before even submitting a mission form.

No holidays and mid breaks

In the field of missionary work, there are no holidays for missionaries even when it is a national holiday in the country of service. It is even required of you to even work harder during those days because it is an avenue to meet more people at home, especially families. Enjoy your holidays at home before you get on the field. 

No weekend break

As workers enjoy weekends, missionaries do not enjoy weekends. They work seven days a week and work more than 8 hours a day, apart from Mondays when they will have to do their laundry, cook, write to family and friends, send a weekly report and after go for proselyting. The field is white already to harvest, so there is no time to rest for missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

No use of personal phone

There are no personal phones for you while serving, however, you will have a companionship phone. This phone is meant for calling members and the investigators you are teaching. The use of a music player differs from one mission to the other, it is allowed in some missions and is seen as breaking a mission rule in other missions.

No social media

Most people will argue that social media is a place to reach out to as many people as possible with the gospel, it is true in a way, however, you are not allowed to go on social media in your two years as an Elder and 18 months as a sister. Social media can easily sway you from your purpose, so it is better to banish yourself before stepping on the field of the Lord.

Loving the country and the people

Jonah was sent to Nineveh to preach the gospel, but he didn’t have much love for the people, so he joined a ship to another place just to avoid them and he ended up in a whale’s belly. As a missionary, it is your responsibility to love the people you will be meeting, whether they are nice or rude to you. The best you can do is to smile when people are rude to you. Never be like Jonah as he wished bad for the people even after teaching them. Pray for those who will not accept your message even more.

New missionaries are trained for 3 months

You will be wondering, how will I be able to teach people as a missionary after just a few weeks in the missionary training center? No need to worry, you will be trained for three months by missionaries already on the field. The first three months of training will not make you the best missionary in the world, but you will be on the path of being able to teach and testify about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.

Name tag, handbook and preach my gospel

You will be given a tag that bears the name of your family (Surname), and the name of the Church, with Jesus Christ boldly and widely written in the middle. This tag easily tells people who you are and why you are from. You are required to always have your name tag on. The handbook contains all information concerning missionary work, dressing, and safety.PMG means preach my gospel. You will be required to study from the PMG manual and the four standard works and other approved scriptures for missionary work.

Greeny, a name given to new missionaries. 

As soon as you get there on the field, old missionaries serving their last months will start calling you a greeny Elder, and ones a while you will hear them shouting, “ I am going home” or “ adey go home ooooh”.

Cooking and laundry

Most of us enjoy good and delicious foods when we are home with our families, however, as soon as you get on the field, you will start cooking for yourself. If you are already good at cooking, you will enjoy good food, but if you are not good, then this will be the time to learn how to cook. You will not become a chef overnight, but as time goes on, you will become a good one.
In most of the mission fields, you will not have a washing machine to do your laundry, but you will use your hands to do it, and again, if you never did any washing with your hands, then you should start doing so. Lucky for you if you find washing machines in your mission.  

Your date might wait for you 

Most young men and young women will testify that their dates waited for them to return from their missions. A perfect example is when Ann had to wait for Mitt Romney to return from his mission in France. There are many others who received dear John’s letters while on a mission and after they returned home. 

With this information, prospective missionaries should be able to prepare adequately for a mission and know what to expect when they get there as an Elder or a Sister.    

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