Miraculous answer to a prayer – How an unborn baby was saved from a dangerous condition

Source: Anthony Yawson

With many prayers being answered by God, a young Latter-day Saint has taken to her Facebook page to recount how she was able to save her unborn baby from a tumor in her brain through prayer and through her dad’s blessing.

The young lady was twenty-one and pregnant with her second baby. It started through her eating disorder of bulimia (Bulimia is an eating disorder. It is characterized by uncontrolled episodes of overeating, called bingeing.) that she had for the past five years.

Sharing her testimony on how prayer helped her to stop her addiction so her baby girl could get the nutrition she needed on Facebook, she narrated how she prayed to Heavenly Father and how her dad gave her a blessing to help the baby heal.

“I had a strong feeling to pray to our Heavenly Father, so I did. I asked Him to help me stop my addiction to bulimia so my baby girl could get the nutrition she needed. My dad also gave me a blessing to help my baby heal,” she wrote.

“Miraculously enough I quit my addiction to bulimia. One month later I went in for a second ultrasound to check out my baby and her tumor to see if it had grown. The tumor in her brain was gone and there were no missing chromosomes… I am so thankful He heard my prayer and answered it,” she added.

The young lady also recalled how she gave birth to her first daughter three weeks early. She had to be in the NICU for fifteen days for premature lungs. Then she came home normal and healthy.

Indeed Heavenly Father answers our sincere prayers.

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