Youngest Latter-day Saint soccer player shares the most important things in her life

Story by Anthony Yawson

Many young women in the world are striving to reach their goal of becoming who they are to be and what Heavenly Father will love them to become. In this article, we will take you through the life of Olivia Moultrie.

She is sixteen years old and an American professional soccer player for Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). The Portland Thorns FC is an American professional women’s soccer team based in Portland, Oregon, which was founded ten years ago.

Olivia, 16 years old, became the youngest American women’s soccer player to turn professional, at age 13, and in 2021, she became the youngest player to play a NWSL regular-season game, at age 15. She had her first goal and first assist at age 15 which is the youngest in the league’s history.

According to her, when she first arrived, people definitely didn’t treat her exactly just like any one of her teammates because they didn’t understand what a thirteen-year-old should be doing in a professional league. But the first thing she did was to earn their respect. She also added that whenever she is not with the Thorns, she trains with her sister and Dad at home.

Olivia further urged that apart from soccer, she also finds time being with her family. She as well finds time every day to read her scriptures and make sure to read the ‘come follow me’ manual before retiring to bed just to find a spiritual moment.

Her biggest spiritual goal is just continuing to use the platform she has and the position she is in to share the gospel with as many people as she can because her Faith is very important to her.

In her words:

“Soccer may be the most important thing I do but it is not the most important thing in my life. It is always gone for my: Faith, family, and then my soccer.” She continue by saying, “I think the most important thing I am most proud of is just that I am a daugther of God and that I feel like I have a relationship with Him.”

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