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President Nelson and the apostles share deep Val’s day messages

Throughout the world, almost everyone is celebrating valentine’s day. This day is for celebrating loved ones and what they mean to each other. One will ask, is this day only meant for a few? The answer is surely no but is meant for both married and singles

The prophet and apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are celebrating Valentine’s day with sweet and loving messages about the occasion and their wives and how we can make it a meaningful day. President Nelson wrote about how he lost his wife, Dantzel two days to Valentine’s day in 2005. He spoke about how painful and difficult it was for him before he meet Wendy and married her.

“On February 12, 2005, just two days before Valentine’s Day, my beloved wife Dantzel suddenly passed away. That Valentine’s Day was absolutely painful, and the days and months that followed were the most difficult of my life. The silence was deafening, and it was a time of deep grief and loneliness for me. Thankfully, Wendy Watson later came into my life. She agreed to marry me. She now fills my life with tremendous joy—and I hope I do the same for her!” he said.

Elder Holland’s wife celebrates her birthday two days after valentine’s day, so it is always special moment during this time for his family. He celebrated the occasion with a message about how his wife is a perfect example for him and how he has not met anyone like her. He spoke about the struggles and glory he has had with his wife and how the Savior is our perfect example

In his own words, he said, “Jesus Christ is our perfect example of perfect love. Among mortals, I haven’t found a better example than my sweetheart, Pat. I love that I can celebrate Valentine’s Day and then her birthday two days later. There is none other I would rather navigate this life and eternity with.”

Elder Gong posted a video and a message about him and his wife. In the video he said to his wife, “You know sweetheart, one thing I most love about you is we’ve been able to laugh for the past 42 years together.”

Elder Cook spoke about his 60 years of marriage to his wife, Mary and said they are each other’s valentine. He spoke about how hard it will be for others because they don’t have the relationships they want. He encouraged them to focus on family connections they have.

After nearly 60 years of marriage, I think it is safe to say that Mary and I are each other’s valentines—but thanks to our Father’s eternal plan of happiness, the connection we have with one another and with our family goes much deeper than that.

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