How church addiction program saved my life

So many people are facing lots of problems and one of the commonest is addiction. Addiction is a common problem in the world today that both young and old are struggling with. Some fear there is no way out for them, however, help is available.

Not having control over what you are taking or doing could be harmful. Being addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and gambling can have negative effects on you and your loved ones. Unemployment and poverty can trigger addiction.

A couple of years ago The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint organized a help center for victims who have been in addiction for any reason. The program is called Addiction Recovery Program (ARP). This program has helped so many of these people and one of them is Cora Hall of the southern Hills congregation.

Cora Hall shared how the church’s addiction recovery program (ARP) helped her.

“16 years ago, I didn’t want to live in my life anymore.” Cora Hall of the Southern Hills congregation shares how the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) helped her.”On August 1, 2006, I attended my first Addiction Recovery Meeting. I was so nervous, my knees were weak. I had been an addict for years and had done some seriously dishonest things that ultimately led to my incarceration. Walking into that meeting not only saved my life, it saved my family and most importantly my relationship with Heavenly Father. Through the ARP program, I learned to give my will over to my Heavenly Father. It has been both the most profoundly simple and ridiculously complicated thing I have EVER done. But that simple act has changed my entire life. I testify to you that if you are lost in the depths of addiction, love someone who is, or just want to see what really turning your will over to your Heavenly Father looks and feels like, there is help. Heavenly Father is waiting for you to take that first step. He will, in ways you cannot see or possibly imagine, take every other of those 12 steps with you. He loves you and it is His greatest desire for you to experience the joy and absolute peace of His immeasurable love for you. I have been clean for over 15 years now. And since that first meeting, I have witnessed miracles and felt His love every day.”

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is always looking out for a way to make the lives of members better. There are more of this type of life-changing stories through the program of the church.

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