How prayer saved two friends from the grasp of death

Today I bring you the story of a man (Tim Thayne)who had an overpowering impression to pray for two of his friends who were in danger. His friends were saved from death because of his prayer for them.

He disclosed that he was showering one morning at his apartment in Old Town, Idaho in 1986 in getting ready for a church conference in Spokane, Washington. While showering, he suddenly had an overpowering impression that two of his good friends that would also be attending the church conference were in danger. According to him, the feeling was so strong that he immediately knelt in the tub to pray for them and seek heavenly blessings of protection on their behalf. He felt peace replace the dread he was feeling, and he was comforted.

He added that he got to the conference, yet his friends hadn’t arrived yet. At a point, he was worried because almost two hours had passed since the start of the conference yet no sign of his good friends. Finally, they walked through the church doors. You could imagine how happy the man would be upon seeing his friends. With the gestures his friends showed, he knew something serious had happened to them on their way coming. At the break, his friends took him outside to see their car.

In his words:

“The front end was crushed in and the car looked totaled. …Early into their three-hour drive and while navigating their way down a steep mountain pass, they came around a sharp corner, and there, in the middle of the road, was a large black bear. The driver swerved to the left to miss the bear, but now they were headed straight for a cliff that would surely result in their deaths. In that instant, though, their car inexplicably lurched back to the right, and they hit the bear instead. A forest ranger arrived to euthanize the bear, and my friends then limped their car into Spokane for the conference. They were shaken, but safe. When I asked them what time they struck the bear, I was not surprised that it was at the very time that I was kneeling in the tub to pray for their protection.”

He further added that the Holy Ghost does warn of danger, and when we have stewardship and love for someone, we have the opportunity to receive promptings and revelation on their behalf. “Maybe that prayer required an outside prayer to take place or perhaps it was simply to strengthen my testimony of a loving God of prayer” he added.

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